It´s all about the cat

Cats protect your home from bad spirits and bring joy!


The cat- the magical animal!


The aura of this animal is so strong that it protects the entire family and house. I want to tell you that cats don’t snuffle around your legs only because they are hungry or they need your attention, but because they have a magical ancestral power, through which they want to protect you.


The cat protects the home from negative energy and evil spirits. The cat can help you if you are moving into a new house or you are going somewhere where bad things happened.

When cats make their particular sound this helps treating bone related illness because they evoke an energy of approximately 25 HZ.

Evil spirits! When a cat feels a spirit in the house, she starts to follow it in order to find its intentions. In order to assure that this spirit does not destroy it’s energetical  environment the cat will do everything possible to eliminate the spirit. If this doesn’t work, the cat will try to catch the entity in it’s energetical area and take it out from the house. This is why in some traditions evil spirits fly on cats.

Be very careful when the cat is watching ät a fixed point. This might be because of an evil spirit. In order to help your cat to eliminate this spirit you can read a prayer or bur white salvia- this helps more in pushing away evil spirits.

The energy aura of the cat is so strong that in cat eliminate any negative energy. This is why persons who communicate with spirits do not have the cats in the room.

When you talk to another person whom you assume he or she might not have good intentions it is good to hold your hand on the cat. Hold the left hand among the neck and the right one by the tail. In this way you will be connected to the cat, which will protect you from the negative energy.

Cats bring positive energy in the house, protecting the family and attract well-being. They enjoy sitting in areas with strong energy, like the geo pathological areas.

Russian have a very interesting ritual. When they move into a new house, they let first the cat to go in. The cat will eliminate the negative energies and charge the house with positive energy.

The cat and healing!


The magical powers of the cat can be seen through healing. Cats sits on the area where the owner has pain. They also deliberate us from stress.

At the psycho emotional level Persian cats have magical powers.

The colour of the cat defines the need

Black: black magic, they eliminate negative energies from the house

Redhead cats: solar power and yang energy, it brings money and well-being in the house

The grey cat: Brings love, happiness and luck

White: has healing power, eliminates stress and recharge the body with energy


The cat- doctor or medicine?

Doctors have observed for long time ago that in families where animals are present, especially cats, the atmosfere is more pleasant, diseases are rare and when they appear they heal quickly. It seems like the little friend is capabel of offering the owners something which money cant buy, love and health.. These little animals can come handy to neurologs and pshicologists. They reduce stress, anxiety, calm down and trigger feelings of trust, optimist.



Doctors have also found out that the area with the largest amount of points which activate the memory lays in the center of the palm.

In order to stimulate this in middle East countries special balls are manufactured. There is also a since nowadays which is named felinotheraphy, which implies healing and preventing illness through contact with cats.

The methods of felinotherapy were known since ancient times.


A ”he” or a ”she”

A female will have bioenergetical energy which is much stronger than the one of male cat.